Olvebra started the soybean industrialization cycle in Brazil more than 60 years ago, being the first company in the world to manufacture powdered soy extract. Olvebra Industrial is located in Eldorado do Sul, a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. Its industrial park covers more than 100,000 square meters.

The Food Division is present in the market with a line of products for people with specific dietary needs, such as diets without lactose, gluten, without animal milk protein, without sugar, vegetarians, dietary reeducation, weight loss, and also to the public that search in food for a healthier way of life.

We also have products and functional ingredients for the industrial market, we offer a line with more than 20 items. These items can be applied to various products such as: dairy industry, protein fruit juices, meat sausages, bread, pasta, chocolate and tofu industry.

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